Mozambican and foreign investors will soon be able to make use of a digital platform that will provide information on investment and export opportunities in Mozambique, the first version of which was presented at the recently concluded 55th International Maputo Fair (FACIM), reported the Mozambican press.

Mário Gomes, national coordinator of the PIGA (Partnership for Investment and Growth of Africa) programme in Mozambique, told the AIM news agency that through the digital platform potential investors do not need to travel to Mozambique to “identify, analyse and make decisions about key investment opportunities.”

The national coordinator of the PIGA programme said that the platform also aims to benefit Mozambican business people who want to export their products.

Maputo International Fair took place from 26 August to 1 September at the Ricatla facilities, in the Marracuene district, southern Maputo province, with the participation of 20 countries, in addition to the territory of Macau, and was organised by the Mozambican Agency for Investment and Export Promotion (Apiex).